Balkan Energy Prospect is an online regional mapping platform that contains information about the energy sources in all Western Balkan countries. The platform shows provides the realistic demands for energy production and consumption within a country. The platform collects, analyzes, and disseminates energy information of six WB countries, hereby providing information and promoting public understanding of the energy flow and its interaction with the economy and the environment.

Through a series of illustrative maps, the platform presents information on the current location of all existing and planned generating capacities within the WB region. By clicking on the type of generation capacity, the information on type of generating plant, capacity, down to the generation unit level is presented. In addition, the platform provides information regarding transmissions lines, presenting the connection of WB countries with countries within and outside the region – simultaneously depicting the potential for energy flow. Furthermore, the platform provides a wide range of information and data for each country respectively, covering their overall yearly energy balance, and renewable, energy efficiency and emission reduction targets.

This platform provides an interpretation of the actual situation that the WB region stands in the energy domain, and presents their obligations to fulfill national energy targets within the Energy Community. The establishment of energy security, accompanied with the use of old energy resources whilst exploring for new ones, is of a high significance for the six countries of WB. As such, mapping of energy capacities from the WB region in one platform is a resourceful asset for relevant institutions and policy makers within and outside WB region in defining actions plans as well as maximizing the impact of available resources.

Data gathered and utilized for the website were obtained from each WB country’s respective Governmental institutions, public records, Energy Community etc.


   About Us

Balkan Energy Prospect is among the tools created with the idea to represent an open, powerful, and informative platform for discovering and analyzing the key insights accentuating the capacities of each WB country in terms of their respective energy sectors. Ultimately, this platform is drafted with the idea to offer a brief yet comprehensive reflection of the developments in the energy sector in each of the 6 countries of the Western Balkans, respectively Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.

The platform provides a visual representation of data, denoting that an efficient electricity access and connection of strategies within WB region will drive the cooperation process and contribute regionally towards the advancement of their energy systems, guided by the shared commitments, obligations, and targets of the Energy Community Treaty. With the establishment of cooperation and an integrated energy infrastructure amongst each other, countries will increase cross-border cooperation and develop regional projects and lower their carbon economy. As such, this platform provides valuable information about six WB countries in terms of their energy technologies, potential synergies for a future integrated energy market, and capacities for energy diversification within the WB region.