Wind Power Plants

Wind power plants and wind generation capacity for the Western Balkans 6 countries is still limited and in its initial phase of growth. The whole region is characterized with a huge untapped wind generation potential. Although the wind speed is not as fast as that of northern Europe, the Western Balkans offers many very feasible sites for wind generation. Particularly in the many higher mountainous regions, that have higher altitudes and faster and more consistent wind speeds. The countries that have made the most use of wind energy are Montenegro with 71,25 MW of installed capacity at the Krnovo site, closely followed by Macedonia with 38 MW of wind power located in Bogdanci, Serbia with 17 MW of installed wind capacity (as of 2016). The countries with the least developed wind power is Albania with practically no wind turbines in place, Bosnia and Herzegovina with (0,3 MW 2016), and Kosovo (with 1,35 MW installed and in the process of 32 MW in construction about to be put into operation) and though all these countries have great plans for wind power generation, they lag considerably behind in implementing their set targets for wind. Feed-in tariffs for wind is in the average range of around 90 euros per MWh produced for the WB6 countries.